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Research Experience

35 max (including adults) | Years 7 to 12. 

Session times: 10am to 12pm and / or 12.30pm to 2.30pm

The Research Experience is designed for school groups seeking to build information literacy by blending in-school preparation with onsite research. A librarian will provide support on the day for suggested resources and search strategies based on the submitted research topic provided when booking. 

Upon arrival teachers and students will be greeted by a staff member and guided to a dedicated study area on level 3 to explore and utilise State Library resources related to their topic. 

Independent Study 

35 max (including adults) | Years 5 to 12. 

Session times: 10am to 12pm and / or 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Independent Study is recommended if your group wishes to study independently. This booking will include large tables for study and quiet instruction on level 3, and is the ideal location to access the State Reference Library resources across levels 2 & 3.

Please note that dedicated librarian assistance is not provided with this booking (if you require help with assessment topics or preparation, please book a Research Experience).

For all bookings

*Free wi-fi and charging ports are available onsite. 

Students will need to bring their own devices, however are welcome to use State Library computers on the day dependent on public availability.  

**Groups of up to 55 students can be accommodated. Please advise when booking if your group will be over 35 to allow library staff to accommodate furniture.

*Use the 'Go to Date' calendar below to find your relevant date/s and times for 2024. *Booking form may time out after 5 minutes. You will receive a confirmation email when submitted successfully. 

Contact details:, (07) 3840 7768. 

Return to the teachers and students homepage for additional bookings. 

Friday 19 April 2024

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